A good meal is more than food

Let Laird, Dionna, and Majid tell you why.

"The visual heartiness, and the actual heartiness, of these foods has to be understood for them to embrace it."




We all need to eat to survive, but treatment side effects like loss of appetite, changing taste buds, and exhaustion, combined with the financial strain of cancer care, makes mealtime a significant challenge for people diagnosed with cancer, and those who care for them.

As a result, many patients are not getting the nourishment they need to fight. It's a complex problem, but we're already seeing that tremendous progress is possible. With a good meal and a compassionate lifeline, we're giving more people diagnosed with cancer a seat at the table, literally. 

Bringing food to cancer patients

Together, we are


treatment outcomes.

Renewing hope

Renew hope with healthy food

Hope has been associated with lower anxiety and depression symptoms, which can lead to better treatment outcomes. 

A good meal and a friendly face gives our patients something to look forward to and the strength to take on another day.

Alleviating financial burden

Complimentary food delivery to cancer patients

42% of cancer patients deplete their life savings in the first 2 years of treatment -- leaving patients to make impossible choices.

Our patients never pay for meals. We believe true enjoyment can best be found when money is no object.

Fostering community

Community involvement for cancer patiens

A patients risk of mortality can decrease by up to 25% based on their perception of social support.

Food is one the most powerful ways to show you care and our patients truly feel the compassion of our community.

Increasing health

Stay healthy - Culinary Care

Malnourished patients are often unable to withstand the treatments that beast treat their cancer.

Since many of our patients are not hungry, providing a meal that is both visually and mentally appealing is critical to survival. 

Culinary Care food delivery service to hospitals

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