Your subscription to good.

Every month, we subscribe to things that make our lives better. Joining The Line is your chance to subscribe to something that makes someone else's life better, too. 



Your $30 monthly donation gives people diagnosed with cancer a lifeline to food when it's needed most


We invite you to join our virtual kitchen. It's filled with people just like you -- who know what it's like to fight cancer and want to create a better future for other families faced with this life-altering diagnosis. With your help, we'll make sure anyone diagnosed with cancer has a lifeline to the food and life-affirming human connection they need to live longer and happier lives. 

It's about people, compassion, and unlocking a better future for people diagnosed with cancer.

A Personal Touch

Food is personal, and so are we. If we want to nourish cancer patients to recovery, then we need to make sure they're excited about the meals we're providing. Your monthly gift allows us to do just that.

A Compassionate Lifeline

The power of your monthly gift goes way beyond what's on the plate. With every meal, you restore strength, remove stress, safeguard dignity, bring back the joy of looking forward to mealtime, and give patients the chance to feel hungry again.

A Growing Impact

A cure will take time, a meal makes a difference now. We won't stop until everyone diagnosed with cancer is able to enjoy more meals with their loved ones. Because we believe a meal is the key to a longer and happier life.

Take your place on The Line.

Like in a well-run restaurant kitchen, members of The Line are essential contributors doing their part to deliver delicious feel-good moments, renew hope, and foster community. As our most dedicated supporters, you get access to:

Monthly Smiles

Every month, you'll get inspiring stories from the people you're helping, ideas to help bring delicious feel-good moments into your life, and insider updates directly from our founder. 

The Cookbook Club

A book club with a book you'll actually want to read. Every month, one of our chef partners will pick their favorite cookbook. Buy it, read it, cook from it, and talk about it with the chef! 

A Community

We want you to experience the incredible community-building power of food. We'll constantly be finding ways to bring you together with our like-minded group.

Eigh years. Thousands of patients served. 

Access to a good meal made sure David was keeping his health on track. With your support, we'll be able do so much more for patients just like them.