With survival on the line, every meal matters.

Give monthly and you’ll become part of The Line, a community of compassionate monthly donors making sure a warm meal is there for families fighting cancer when it’s needed most.

Your $30 monthly donation can give someone fighting cancer free meals and one less thing to worry about all year.


Changing lives, one meal at a time.

1.8 million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year. 151,000 won’t live to see their next birthday because of malnutrition. We’re on a mission to nourish as many recoveries as we can, but we can’t do it without you. 

The Line is a virtual kitchen of cancer-hating, food-loving community leaders who are eager to make a difference right now. People like you, who know what it takes to fight cancer, giving what they can each month so that it can be a little easier for other families and individuals.  


today, and help us deliver  free meals an 

A Personal Touch

From choosing their own restaurant-prepared meals to weekly check-ins,  

you help make sure our patients always know that someone cares about them, personally. 

A Growing Impact

Like you, we're always thinking about the next meal. In fact, we developed our own app to help us grow faster and serve more patients. With your help, we won't stop until everyone fighting cancer is able to enjoy a good meal every day.

A Compassionate Lifeline

The power of your monthly gift goes way beyond what's on the plate. With every meal, not only do we restore strength and remove stress. We safeguard dignity, bring back the joy of looking forward to mealtime, and give patients the chance to feel hungry again.

Take your place

and you can look forward to...


New Reasons To Smile

Inspiring patient stories, chef's corner features, and a deeper look at the impact your monthly gift makes possible is sure to put a smile on your face and a reason to wake up in the morning.

Making New Friends

Because we can never have too many cooks in our kitchen, our community is always growing. You'll receive quarterly invites to our virtual meetups and special event invitations.

Delicious Surprises

We love food. We know you do too. From recipes to restaurant recommendations, we'll halp make sure your plate always has something good on it.

Seven years. Thousands of patients served. 

Access to a good meal made sure David was keeping his health on track. With your support, we'll be able do so much more for patients just like them. 

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