The Creamiest Hummus...EVER!

Ingredients (approx. 25 portions)

  • 16.9 oz Chickpeas, canned drained of liquid

  • 8.5 oz Tahini paste

  • 14.1 oz Greek yogurt

  • 20ea Lemon

  • 13.1 oz Water

  • 0.4 oz Cumin toasted and finely ground

  • 0.2 oz Corriander

  • 0.1 oz Espillete finely ground

  • 0.2 oz Onion powder

  • 2.1 oz Roasted garlic

  • 12 oz Greek olive oil

  • 0.4 oz Salt

  • 0.1 oz Xanthan gum


  1. Toast cumin and coriander in a dry frying pan over medium heat until fragrant, add Espillete grind, set aside.

  2. In a pot combine 320g water, ground spices, onion powder, salt, xanthan, and roasted garlic. Bring to a boil and simmer 5 minutes. Blend immediately and add lemon juice. Cool.

  3. In a blender or food processor add tahini and blend with 50g ice cold water. Add cooled spices and blend until smooth. Add yogurt, blend until smooth. Stir in olive oil.

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