People with cancer have a lot on their plate. Unfortunately, it's not always food. You can help.

A good meal and compassion means hope, community, and health. Join our community of monthly givers and be a lifeline when it's needed most.

Cancer recovery

How We Work

We know how to help cancer patients get the nourishment they need. With your help, we will.

Find patients in need of support

We work with local hospitals to identify patients who are in need of a good meal and community compassion.

Reach them when it matters most

We currently work inside hospitals that do not provide meal services to patients. We also deliver meals on holidays. 

With convenient meals that excite tastebuds 

Loss of appetite and changing tastebuds are two of the most common treatment side effects. Cancer need to be excited to eat.

Until every patient is able to enjoy one good meal every day

We listen, we learn, and we are constantly testing new ways to create meaningful and sustainable long-term solutions. 

Why Do Good Meals Matter? Learn More.

Cancer patients have a lot on their plate. Members of The Line are making sure delicious meals are there too.

Join our community of monthly donors giving a warm meal when it's needed most.


What We Do

As we work towards every day, we are currently focused on every day at the hospital. We partner with cancer centers and carefully-chosen restaurants to bring patients, and their families, free meals. 

Why Hospitals?

Patients visiting the hospital for outpatient care do not receive any meal services. They are expected to bring or purchase a meal but, instead, often go the entire day without food. 

Our Hospitals

Why Restaurants?

A chef-made meal helps patients overcome loss of appetite, encourages them to try new foods, and creates a positive treatment experience.

Our Restaurants




Hope has been associated with lower anxiety and depression symptoms, which can lead to poor treatment outcomes.

A good meal brings a sense of normalcy and hope for a better future.



Malnourished patients are often unable to withstand the treatments that best treat the cancer. 

Access to good meals increases calorie consumption and appetite.



42% of cancer patients deplete their life savings in the first 2 years of treatment -- leaving patients to make impossible choices.

Free meals means cancer patients don't have to choose between paying for medicine or food.



A patients risk of mortality can decrease by up to 25% based on their perception of social support.

When a patient receives a good meal, they feel connected to and supported by their community.

Let Leigh, Majid, and The Chew Family tell you what good meals have meant to them.

Leigh had just moved to Chicago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cooking for one only made her feel more lonely. Then, she learned about Culinary Care. A good meal reminded her what it meant to have a community.


The craziest thing we can do is nothing.

Here are three ways you can help.

Give $30 and change someone's life all year.
Encourage your company to become a partner.
Volunteer your time and talent to fuel our mission.

Help cancer patients overcome food-related challenges

We've found that loss of appetite, changing tastebuds, financial strain, and exhaustion are the most common reasons patients aren't eating properly.

By reaching them where it matters most

We currently work with hospitals that do not provide any meal services to patients during outpatient care. One day, we'll reach patients at their homes, too.

With delicious feel-good moments 

No single solution alone will nourish patients to recovery. It will take a community-wide response and it will take time, but we've already seen tremendous progress is possible. 

Until patients are enjoying a good meal every day

By providing a good meal, at no charge, and make it as easy as possible to access, we've found that we are able to satiate the most discerning palettes.

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We’re always thinking about our patients and their next meal. We won’t stop until every family fighting cancer is able to enjoy a good meal every day.
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By tempting taste-buds with quality meals, we restore strength, remove stress, safeguard dignity, and help patients feel hungry again. 
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From made-to-order restaurant meals to our own personalized technology, we deliver the dignity of control that our patients deserve.

Our patients need us most at the hospital and at home. We've focused our efforts at the hospital while we build a foundation to expand.

What We Care About

These are the values at the core of everything we do.

Focus on the hardest days

As we work to achieve our mission, we focus on the hardest days first.

Work with local partners

Our work isn't possible without local hospitals, restaurants, and partners.

Always deliver one less worry

We want to make it as easy as possible to get involved with Culinary Care.

Foster community


Everyone has the ability to make delicious feel-good moments possible.


In March 2006, my father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. I was wrapping up my junior year of high school at the time. He was given five months to five years to live. And, just seven months later, my dad died. 


During his treatments, we tried to maintain as much of our normal life as possible, but cancer turns your life upside down. If we weren’t in school, we were at the hospital with my dad. There was no time to go to the grocery store or even think about food.


As a family who's lives came together at the table, I cannot imagine what we would have done if friends and neighbors hadn't stepped up and brought us meals. Those meals are what brought my family together, gave us one less thing to worry about and, for a moment, allowed us to feel like everything was going to be okay.


Looking forward to a good meal is what got my family through each day and I believe everyone fighting cancer should have that opportunity.  

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People with cancer have a lot on their plate. Unfortunately, it's not always food. You can help.

A good meal and compassion means hope, community, and health. Join our community of monthly givers and be a lifeline when it's needed most.

Cancer recovery