Our Programs

Treatment Day Meals

Chemotherapy treatment is most often provided as an outpatient service. That means patients are coming to the hospital from their homes. On these days, they're at the hospital for 4 - 15 hours. Yet, no meals are provided. 

Culinary Care steps-in during this time. We provide free restaurant-prepared meals to patients, as well as their family members. 

These meals are the starting point of our care. They give patients the chance to feel hungry again, allows us to learn more about their needs, and makes going to the hospital a lot more enjoyable!

Holiday Meals

For those diagnosed with cancer, the thought of cooking and preparing a holiday meal can bring about more stress than joy. 

Culinary Care works with local restaurants and a team of volunteers to provide ready-to-heat Thanksgiving feasts. 

Meals At Home

For many of our highest-need families, technology is not an option. Our Care Coordinators make phone call reminders, help patients place their orders, lend a friendly ear, and connect them to other resources that  help put a good meal on their plate.  


These programs are fueled by generous members of The Line.