symbolic of love

"Food is
when words are inadequate."

We work to build year-round engagement, excitement, and design meaningful experiences that help you meet your goals. We're not just looking for sponsors, but partners who are excited to help us build our legacy. Together, we're creating a world where people diagnosed with cancer can enjoy meals, not skip them.




Can provide 300+ meals​

  • Private cook-off experience for up to 10 people

  • 5 complimentary gala tickets

  • 50% off 10 additional gala tickets

  • Logo featured at the Gourmand Gala

  • Any/all staff are welcome to join our volunteer slack channel to engage on their own time

  • Fourth choice of chef



Can provide 450+ meals​

​All the Bronze level, plus:​

  • Additional 5 gala tickets (10 total)

  • Onsite professional photographer

  • Quarterly volunteer opportunities

  • Third choice of chef



Can provide 650+ meals​

All the Bronze & Silver, plus:

  • 5 complimentary bibs for the Culinary care 5k 

  • Additional 5 gala tickets (15 total)

  • Co-branded team swag

  • Custom year-round volunteer schedule

  • Second choice of chef 



Can provide 800+ meals​

All the Bronze, Silver, & Gold, plus:

  • Additional 5 guests for the cook-off  (15 total)

  • Additional 5 tickets to the gala (20 total)

  • Additional 5 bibs in the 5k (10 total)

  • Prominent brand placement at the gala 

  • First choice of chef



Can provide 1.500+ meals​

​All Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum, plus:

  • Additional 15 cook-off guests (30 total)

  • Additional 10 5k bibs (20 total)

  • Company logo featured on 5k shirts 

  • Assistance coordinating year-round company dinners 

  • Opportunity to submit a special request for a specific chef (we will work to get the *local* chef of your dreams, but we cannot guarantee it will happen. You'll still get first choice.)



Can provide 4,000+ meals​

Everything included in all the other sponsorship levels, plus:

  • Upgrade to Gourmand Gala headline sponsor 

  • Speaking opportunities at 5k & gala 

  • Custom marketing & employee engagement built in partnership with your team to elevate your internal goals