Let's Partner

If your hospital believes compassion and nourishment can transform cancer treatment outcomes, then we'd love to partner with you! 

If you want to change everything, start with one thing.

We chose to start with a meal. Every year, one in five cancer deaths are a direct consequence of malnutrition. We realize it is a complex issue that no single solution can solve, but we have seen that tremendous progress is possible. By recognizing the barriers cancer patients face -- exhaustion, loss of appetite, financial strain -- and taking action, we've been able to renew hope, reignite dampened tastebuds and, as David in the video above says, "they're keeping my weight up and helping me stay right on track."

Our Programs

We provide free meals and personalized support to cancer patients at times when it's needed most.



If your hospital does not provide meals for outpatient care, Culinary Care can help fill this void. Patients will be able to pre-order meals prepared by our network of restaurant partners. We will deliver these meals directly to them during infusion treatment. 

"Before Culinary Care, I would leave treatment nauseous and hungry."


"I actually look forward to my chemo treatments because of these meals!"

We know the holiday's can often bring more stress than joy for people diagnosed with cancer. Our holiday meal program provides ready-to-heat chef-made feasts so that families fighting cancer can focus on what matters most.


"The route to achieving equity will not be accomplished through treating everyone equally. It will be achieved by treating everyone equitably, or justly according to their circumstances." - Race Matters


We understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to food. To give everyone the chance to live a longer and happier life, we have to meet them where they are. Our team of staff and volunteers will connect patients with, and help them navigate through, the resources they need. 

We are looking for hospital partners that...

Believe in equity

We want to work with partners who believe in breaking down barriers to food, so that patients can live longer and happier lives.

Value comprehensive care

We want to work alongside hospitals who focus on the entire patient, not just the cancer. 

Nurture community involvement

We want to work with hospitals that are excited to engage the community around our partnership.

Ready to bring Culinary Care to your city?

Over the next three years, we'll be looking to open in five new cities. We'd love for yours to be one of them!