Nonprofit company helping cancer patients
Culinary Care gives meals

Food is my love language

Culinary Care was inspired by personal experience. In 2006, as I was heading into my senior year of high school, I lost my father to lung cancer. From the first day of his diagnosis, we never had to worry about food. Friends and family made sure a delicious meal was always there because they knew my dad had a discerning palate. For him, mealtime was not just about sustenance, it was a time to relax, connect, and experience something enjoyable. If it weren't for those meals, our last moments with our dad would have looked very different. I created Culinary Care so that every family could spend more time enjoying each others company, not stressing about food. Through food, I've been able to honor my dad's memory, heal from his loss, and show other families that they're not alone. I believe a meal

Courtney White - Culinary Care

Our Mission

We're making mealtime stress-free for families and individuals diagnosed with cancer, so that they can focus on what matters most. 





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